25 TB (equivalent to 6250 GB) • Backup function so you can regain access to the lost or misplaced data • Security of valuable and imperative data from harms and hazards from natural disasters and human negligence • 160 MB/sec data transfer rate in uncompressed format • 400 MB/sec data transfer rate in compressed format • Minimum error rate • Highest quality • Dependability, flexibility and reliability • AES encryption support • WORM (write once read many) support • Built-in memory chip in the form of MIC chip The best platform while going to purchase Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 Tape, you should keep following few points in PET mylar your mind: • Always place your order to a trusted and certified company which is registered by Quantum certification • Take the tracking number after placing the order as this tracking number aids you to locate your product at any time you want. The specifications of Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 Tapes are as follows:

• Uncompressed data storage capacity is 2. Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 tape is aimed to achieve data storage effectiveness along with the safety, maintenance and backup functions.

  Your little care can avoid any future damage. . With the assistance of this tape you can now run your business with complete confidence as this tape meets the rising storage and backup requirement along with data security. • When you get your product, check the originality of your product by means of the logo.Quantum is the topmost reliable brand that delivers outstanding LTO tape technology. This tape ensures data integrity by securing your valuable data from any sort of danger. So one must not worry concerning the rates and quality of Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 tape There are a broad range of advantages of these tapes.

 People across the globe rely on Quantum products due to the highest quality, optimum performance, and excellent reliability, fast data transfer rates, flexibility, flat economical rates, compatibility, dependability and much more. Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 Tape is designed for the businesses on the large scale who need to manage a huge volume of data to load along with the backup of imperative data. You should also go for the regular cleaning of these tapes in order to have a flawless and efficient functioning of these tapes.

This tape is operative and is absolutely cost-effective. In order to get a long archival life of Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 Tapes, you should keep them in cases.5 TB (equivalent to 2500 GB) • Compressed storage capacity is 6. There is a shiny logo of Quantum which is pasted on the product • Don’t pay any charges of the shipping as this service is offered Free by the online companies • After receiving Quantum MR-L6MQN-01 LTO-6 Tape, you should send a feedback of your experience so QUANTUM can modify its services and offers according to the customer’s requirement Quantum is the best option of intelligent people.

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